Some students are not in quickmail groups – how do I fix this?

Some students have been double enrolled onto Moodle which has prevented them appearing in Unit groups on Year Courses. This means they are not appearing in the Quickmail unit groups.  The double enrolment issue has been resolved but we do not know when students will be added automatically to the unit groups.

To email all students you have three options – the first two can be used  if you wish to wait for the fix.

1.  Move a level up in the course hierarchy  i.e. email a year group using the quickmail tool in the Course space in Moodle

  •  I cannot see the list of groups properly in quickmail- see FAQ for a way round this

2.  Use the Year Course level in Moodle  using the quickmail tool

  • From Quickmail – select Compose New Email
  • Select Filter: Student and then Not in Section
  • Click Add
  • Select Filter: Student and then All Sections
  • Compose your email and send

3. Add the students to the group they are missing from

  • Click on the Year Course in Moodle
  • Scroll down left hand side to Settings > Users > groups
  • Click on first group in left table then click Add/ remove users
  • Select / highlight the student names appearing in the right table
  • Click Add (between the two tables)
  • Click Back to Groups to check they were added

Repeat with each group where students need to be added. When done check the names now appear in the unit groups in quickmail.

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