Auto subscription forum – not all participants appearing as subscribers when first set up

If you are using auto-subscription forums or change a forced or optional subscription from to an auto-subscription one you need to check that all relevant participants are subscribed from the start so that they receive emails of all posts from the start

This is a bug that will be resolved once we move to Moodle 2.6 later next year.

For now if using an auto-subscribe forum then non-subscribed users

  • do not receive emails of posts etc
  • only become subscribed users when post  something themselves

To resolve this

  1. Click on the forum in question in the relevant moodle course
  2. Scroll to Settings > Forum administration on the left hand side
  3. Click Show/edit current subscribers to check who is missing
  4. If you need to remove or add users click Edit content top right of screen ( above list of current subscribers)
  5. Select names to remove (left list) and click  > arrow or select names to add (right list) and click < arrow  ( you can also search for names under either list and use search options)
  6. Return to Settings > Forum administration on the left hand side and click how/edit current subscribers to check  current subscriptions again

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